TURBOKILL is a new band, which singer Stephan Dietrich, formerly of Alpha Tiger, recently joined. Together with guitarists Ronny Schuster and Daniel Kanzler, bassist Marco „Fox“ Grünwald and drummer Philipp „Nafta“ Dießl, they created a heavy metal monster. Since their formation in 2017, they’ve become a real insider tip. At the end of 2017, the band went public for the first time on YouTube with a lyric video for the self-titled song „Turbokill“ and attracted some attention in the scene. Ever since the release of their EP in July 2018, it’s clear that this quintet may prove to be one of the most promising new acts in the heavy music genre. The media has also recognized Turbokill’s talent. They made it to the top 5 in the runoff for the supporting act at the Metal Hammer Awards 2018. Moreover, the current issue of the magazine „Deaf Forever“ rated their EP a 9 out of 10 and also featured an interview. The group, with their powerful and modern sound full of 80s metal spirit, has its own unique character. They put on an impressive live show, which they are continuously expanding. The signs of success are promising. The band is working hard on new songs for their first album and are looking for a well-positioned record label to take their work to national and international audiences.




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